Thursday, October 16, 2008

hello everbody ,
iam malligashivram from chennai India i would like to have friends from india and any other place who wants to read my writing patiently, iam new to the internet world so i hope your understand my shortcoming and adive me to better it advance thank you to all.
i am 48 year old homemake with two grownup boys my husband a retired police officer, so i have alot of time to sare my knowledge and musing . I am actually interested in a lot of topics a grnerally a verstile person . I am actually a education graduate who because of circumstances spent my life at home
taking life as it comes I dont enjoy good health so iam most interested in divinity science craft books whatever i am good at. at present i am interested in crocheting which i learnt when young and forgotten till a few years back when i started making small gifts for other I am very grateful to internet for rekindeling the artistic tendencies again I am evergrateful to the free websites who take so much effort to make it easier for the new learner i want to be helpful to interested likeminded people
since today is the first day writing in blogs please forgive my longwindeness i will be short and presice next time and hopefully helpful and innovative



sandhya said...

hai mam.........i am very happy to read your blog .pls fill it with your hand made art pieces.sandhya

Dr.Sameena Prathap


Continue writing your blog...:)


nityakalyani said...

Hai mam, surprised to see you in my bog. Thanks for dropping by. I will be following you. Will appreciate if you become my follower. It is a good start,please do write and I will be happy to read them. Snippets, jokes and many more.God bless you